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Fall Protection Equipment Audit


Have you been faced with aAudit situation that you were not sure of concerning Fall Protection? The hardest questions to answer concerning Fall Protection are "What equipment can I use in this area?", "What brand of equipment do I purchase?" and “What Hazard’s need to be addressed and avoided?”.  Every year millions of dollars are wasted on equipment that is application specific and cannot be used in most situations.


Let our Professional Auditors evaluate your facility and help answer those difficult questions. Our Auditors are very familiar with the manufacturers of Fall Protection and can recommend the equipment that is needed and that can be utilized for your application.


Our Auditors will come out to your site, evaluate the situation and identify the potential hazards that can be harmful to any personnel working from heights. Once our Auditors have completed your Audit, we will provide you with a Quote as well as a written detailed Summary.  The Summary will contain photographs of any potential hazards, recommendations to make the areas safer and user friendly.  The summary will also outline the equipment and/or solutions that need to be put in place within your facility to fall into compliance with the governing agencies. This service is offered worldwide.


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