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Who is this class for?


This class is geared to training individuals that are in the tower industry.


What are the advantages of attending a Fall Protection class if I have already worked on towers using Fall Protection?


This class has all the information that you would need to ensure that you are using Fall Protection equipment properly.


What will I learn in the Rescue portion of the class?


You will learn the advantages of pre-rigging. You will learn to rig for Self-Rescue or the Rescue of a fellow worker. 


What does the 3-Day class entail?


At the beginning of the class, we hand out Fall Protection and Rescue manuals. A PowerPoint presentation covers the following information:


● We discuss all parts of the Fall Protection hierarchy

● We spend a great deal of time covering the four parts of a Fall Arrest System

● Inspection of the system

● The proper donning of the harness

● Proper usage of the equipment

● How to maintain the equipment

● When and where the equipment is needed

● Identification of rescue equipment

● Proper usage of rescue equipment

● How to use belay techniques for single and double pick off.

● How to use mechanical advantage systems for rescue.

● How to work together as a team and perform Rescue in a safe and prompt manner.

● How to package and rig up a stokes or sked stretcher for rescuing of patient.

● How to plan and write JSA for rescue.


Students will participate in a variety of hands-on exercises, which will cover 90% of the class time.  We will set up various scenarios and you will have to perform tasks to assure competency on Fall Protection and Rescue. These hands-on exercises inclue completion of required documentation, throughout the class along with a Fall Protection demonstration to show the amount of arresting force that is generated during a fall.

At the end of the class, we will issue a test to make sure the information is retained. At the conclusion of the class, we issue certification cards for those students who passed the test.


What happens if a person is using Fall Protection equipment outside of its limitations?


It will not work properly! The myth is, “If I am wearing the gear, I must be protected.” Not true. You must wear the gear, and it must be hooked to an anchor; not hooked to just anything you can find any which way you want, but to a suitable anchor with the system tied off within the limitations of the equipment.


What happens if a person is using Rescue equipment outside of its limitations?


It will not work properly! It is possible the equipment could fail. Performing Rescue in a safe and timely manner may not be possible.


Where can Safety Connection, Inc. perform the class?


We can perform the class at your location or at our indoor training facility located in Baton Rouge, LA.




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