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Competent Rescue



Who is this class for?


This class is geared to train anyone on Rescue in an industrial setting.


Why do I need industrial rescue?


This class will teach you how to inspect, identify and use all equipment properly to conduct a rescue of personnel.


What does the 1.5 day class entail?


At the beginning of the class, we hand out Rescue manuals. The following material is covered:


● Identification of rescue equipment

● Proper usage of a backup system.

● How to perform a single and double pick off.

● How to use mechanical advantage systems for rescue.

● How to work together as a team and perform Rescue in a safe and prompt manner.

● How to plan and write JSA for rescue.


Students will participate in a variety of hands-on exercises, which will cover 95% of the class time.  Everyone will practice using the rescue systems.  At the end of the class, we will issue a test to make sure the information is retained. At the conclusion of the class, we will issue a card certifying completion if the student passed the test.


Where can Safety Connection, Inc. perform the class?


We can perform the class at your location or at  our indoor training facilitiy located in Baton Rouge, LA.





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